Keedo customers who wish to join Retailability’s loyalty programme may do so be enrolling for the Thank U Programme inside any Edgars or newly-owned Keedo store.

About the Thank U Loyalty Programme

1. What is Thank U?

Thank U is a rewards program for all Retailability customers who wish to be part of the scheme. It rewards customers for their purchases with Thank U Points, which can be redeemed when sufficient points have been earned by means of a Retailability spending voucher.

2. How do I enroll? It’s easy to enroll!

Simply sign up in-store by approaching any of our till operators and providing your Identity Number, cellphone number and/or email address and Name.

3. What will my personal details be used for?

We want you to always be in the know when it comes to the multitude of on-going Thank U benefits and promotions available to you. It is also extremely important to have your contact details should you win a prize in one of our promotions. By giving us your most recent personal details, we can make sure that you never miss out. Presently Thank U Points cannot be earned or redeemed online. For any Keedo queries related to any of the stores listed here, please call our Customer Service Center number during office hours on 031 010 0005 and we will gladly assist you.

4. How do you earn Thank U Points?

You get 10 points for every R1 you spend. After each purchase, your new Thank U Points will be allocated to your Thank U account within 3 working days.

5. How much are my Thank U Points worth?

10 000 Thank U Points are worth R10.00.

6.When can I spend my Thank U Points?

As soon as enough points (i.e. 50 000 points) have been earned to be redeemed against a R50 Edgars voucher which can be used to purchase merchandise in Edgars stores.

7.Do I get Thank U Points on the total of my purchases including the VAT amount?

Yes, you do. Thank U Points are calculated on the total value of your purchase after discounts and include the VAT amount.

8.Is there a way I can rather convert my Thank U Points to physical cash?

No, it is not possible. Your points are as good as cash because you can redeem them against an Edgars or Keedo voucher that can be used towards your purchases at any Edgars or selected Keedo stores.

9.Where can I check my Thank U Points balance?

You can check your Thank U Points balance by visiting your nearest store.