Who are we?

Keedo is a trusted South African kids’ clothing brand, founded in 1993.

Education, Care and Sustainability – our three foundational pillars. These values are what we built our business upon and what we strive towards as our brand continues to further expand in the future.

We believe in letting kids be kids, but we also keep both parents and children in mind.

  • For the parents:
    We know your little ones are VERY busy, but we also know you always want them to look their cutest. That’s why we always take both functionality & fashion trends into consideration when creating our garments, ensuring we produce the highest quality clothing in our very own timeless, Keedo style.

  • For the kids:
    We also know what is important to your children: unrestricted comfort along with just the right amount of colourful playfulness. This is why we always take an imaginative and fun approach when designing our garments, while guaranteeing comfort with the use of soft, natural fibres.

Why Choose Keedo – What Makes Us Different?

Well, to put it very simply, we actually CARE!

  • Sustainability
    We don’t only care about children, we also care about the environment they grow up in. We continue to insistently reduce our carbon footprint and are always striving to educate our kids to not only love & respect themselves, but also Mother Nature in all its beauty. Through our ‘nature-inspired’ prints, we hope to instil this love and appreciation into our kids.

  • Proudly South African
    We are a vertically integrated operation, which means we don’t only design our beautiful products, but we also manufacture most of them ourselves. However, the products or materials that do need to be imported are assured to be hand-picked from responsible, sustainable sources. We strongly believe in local job creation and strive for a culture of engagement with all our employees, enabling them to reach their full potential. 

About the Founder of Keedo

Nelia Annandale, founder and former creative force behind Keedo, started from humble beginnings, growing up on a farm. She has twins of her own and although they are all grown up now, they were the original inspiration for the brand – her ‘Keedos’. Her entrepreneurial drive along with her desire to develop her creative mind was the final push she needed to start a business of her own.

For as long as I can remember, I have experienced an overwhelming compulsion to serve the children of the world. I believe that we must begin investing in them from their formative years as they are the ones who will be fashioning the future!” - Nelia Annandale, October 1993

After 24 years of providing only the best clothing for infants, toddlers and young children, Keedo set a huge milestone in its history and became the newest addition to the Cape Union Mart Group in 2017.

In April 2023, Cape Union Mart sold the Keedo Brand and 13 Keedo Stores to Retailability to join their growing portfolio of retail chains.